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minutes out of the field for a simulation, a dangerous free kick for a tactical foul - how do you like these rules from the German referee?

German referee Patrick Ittrich has been in the Bundesliga since 2016. He is not included in the category of top referees: he has never worked more than 14 league matches in a season, he has not judged in European competitions. Suddenly, he gave a high-profile interview to, in which he proposed radical reforms to the football rules.

Ittrich believes that his innovations will make football cleaner and help the abritre work. So what does the referee from Hamburg suggest?

For a tactical foul in the center of the field, a free kick should be awarded 17 meters from the goal

«How often will we then see such fouls? Just in case, let's give a definition: tactical foul – violating Rule to thwart a dangerous counterattack at an early stage. Guardiola was often accused of teaching the team such "smart fouls", but Pep himself denies all accusations.

And just to understand: 17 meters – the border of the penalty area.

Later, Ittrich specifically clarified on Twitter: “I propose to appoint a penalty at 17 meters if a tactical foul was committed in the center of the field, and the opponent prevented it from being played quickly – for example, hit the ball or stand in front of it.

If the player is rolling on the lawn and asks for a doctor, then invite the doctors and make the player leave for an examination outside the field for 3 minutes

If a player insults a referee, send him to cool off the field for 10 minutes

"Let him practice on a stationary bike before returning. We can learn that kind of respect from handball.” Now, in theory, a referee can remove a player for insulting him (this is even spelled out in the rules), but in practice, the option is rarely used.

«Why do 10 people surround after the referee's decision? Boom-boom-boom – three red cards, play seven against ten»

This proposal by Ittrich will help avoid pressure on the referees.